Preparing for a STEM-Literate Future. 

Mission & Vision

Mission: The Center for Integrative STEM Education (CISE) contributes to a future where STEM is no longer an acronym but rather a pedagogy embraced by K-12 formal and informal education. 

Vision: To be a catalyst for educational solutions and reform that equip K-12 students to be career, college and citizen ready in the 21st century.

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What is STEM education?

STEM education:

  • Frames learning around solving problems
  • Applies knowledge and skills of science,
    technology, engineering, and math
By focusing on solving a problem:
  • Student work is relevant and real
  • There is an authentic context for learning
To be successful:
  • Students must work in teams
  • Teachers facilitate learning
  • Students build their own understanding

About NIA

NIA LogoThe National Institute of Aerospace is a non-profit research and graduate education institute created to conduct leading-edge aerospace and atmospheric research, develop new technologies for the nation, and help inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. 


CISE is a Center of Excellence within the National Institute of Aerospace which focuses on the K-12 portion of NIA's education and outreach efforts to inspire that next generation.