Preparing for a STEM-Literate Future. 


Professional Development

NIA’s pre-and in-service teaching institutes attract students pursuing teaching degrees and those already teaching.  These institutes build teachers’ confidence and competence in research-based STEM education best practices.

CISE Professional Development Agenda Builder: CISE professional development is based upon a three-strand model incorporating best practice STEM pedagogy, integrated STEM content, and effective use of instructional technology.

This model is differentiated to meet the needs of individual school districts, sponsoring organizations, and teacher participants.

School Districts and Leaders: CISE Educators will work with your Teaching and Learning teams to design STEM professional development that supports your school system’s initiatives.

Government and Industry: CISE Educators can extend your educational community service to develop teacher institutes that brand your company as a company committed to changing teacher practice.

CISE’s teacher training programs apply research-based approaches that help teachers understand STEM’s relevance within core academic curricula.